Week 3 Abuelo’s League Fantasy Preview

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this week is Tennessee-Florida week. There’s a lot of pressure on Butch Jones to win this game. As I’ve been saying, winning this game would go a log way to calming many fans’ growing fears that Butch Jones is not the long-term answer at head coach that fans have been searching for. If the Vols lose yet another one, they will be calling for Jones to be fired.

Even if Tennessee were to win the rest of their games this season, the wait and tension week to week will be nerve racking for all involved. If they win the rest of their games including Alabama it will appease most people, but many will still have the bad taste in their mouths from the Florida game. Each week that passes will carry with it the reminder that we didn’t beat Florida and another loss will put us out of contention for an SEC title. If the Vols were to win the rest of their games after Florida, it will take months to be able to look back on it and see that it was only one conference loss, but each passing day will be brutal to bear.

If you want to see what the world was like the last time we beat the gators, check out this article from SB Nation: https://goo.gl/HdT5OC

While we wait on that, let’s take a look at this weekend’s upcoming fantasy matchups.

2Gurley’s OneCup (-7.7) @ MayTheSchwartz BeWithYou
Colton and Nathan face each other this week. Colton is 2-0 and only 10 points back from first place. For some reason he drafted both Colts receivers but it hasn’t stopped him yet. The Colts will need to score a lot of points this year because their defense is so bad so this strategy may eventually pay off. Carson Palmer is a solid fantasy QB although he tends to get hurt once a season. For Nathan, it looks like Cam Newton is going to have another great season, but he’s thin at RB. He’s gonna need more than 10 points out of Dez Bryant and 4.8 out of his RBs if he wants to contend this year.

Team JBone12155 @ Team Titans (-8.7)
Jason put all his eggs in one basket with Detroit and it didn’t pay off again. Most people probably thought Detroit would score a lot of points against Tennessee, but the Titans played tough and came out with a win. Antonio Brown had a poor outing last week but fortunately he doesn’t face the Bengals every week. Kelvin Benjamin is poised for a great year though for him. Jason needs a win to avoid slipping too far down in the standings. David (Titans) is a guy I’ve never met, but he’s 1-1 and favored this week versus Jason. David had a good, not great week last week and has some potentially great fantasy players in Julio Jones and Demarco Murray—players at the core of some championship teams in the past. Not sure why he started the Jets D over the Cards, but he probably won’t do that again.

Aye Skipper @ Team GronkIfUrHorny (-6.2)
Last week, Lauren had nearly as many bench points as regular points. DeAngelo Williams is a must-start at least until Bell comes back for Pittsburgh and he proved that again last week. Lauren is 0-2 but has a good chance to get a win this weekend if she starts the right guys. Jordan beat Mitch last week in a tight game. If Andrew Luck has a great week, Jordan will probably win, if not, he likely won’t. The thing is though that you want consistent players, not guys who score 44 one week and 10 the next. Jordan is 2-0 and 3rd in the standings so he’s in good shape to wait and see if his guys start playing more consistently.

Multiple Scorgasms (-6.8) @ Big Daddy
Mitch and Brian face off this week. Brian is surely getting nervous about his 1st round pick, Todd Gurley because he hasn’t been effective yet. Eric Decker isn’t flashy, but he scores a lot and at this point he’s a must start as a WR2 or Flex. If Josh Gordon comes back and plays like his old self, that will be a huge help for Brian. He will need it if his RBs continue to perform this poorly. He’s 2-0 though, so there’s some room for error. Mitch is 0-2 and he suffered a huge blow with Peterson basically being out for the rest of the year. Langford hasn’t panned out as we thought he would. I think Stefon Diggs is a must start; he just keeps scoring. Mitch has a few good QBs so maybe a trade for some RB help is in order. Brian is vulnerable so Mitch could get a win this week and be right back on track.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers (-1.1) @ Team Spurlock
This is the closest “spread” in the league this week. For some reason I drafted Blake Bortles as my QB. I don’t deserve to win making decisions like that. I am now attempting a reboot with Matt Ryan. If it weren’t for Matt Forte and his 29 points last week, I would have lost to Nathan. That won’t happen every week so I’ve got to find some consistency out of the rest of my roster. Coleman is 0-2 and he had a pretty bad week last week with only his QB in double figures. His bench had nearly as many points as his active lineup. He’s got several players in the New Orleans-Atlanta game and with both team’s defenses as strong as a wet paper towel, he figures to get a lot of points out of that game. We’ll see how it turns out.

Good luck to everybody this weekend and Go Vols!


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