Week 3 Round Up

It’s a new day in Knoxville as the Vols finally knocked the 800 pound gorilla off their backs by beating Florida. It was hard to escape the story this week about the 11 year streak or all the ways the world was different the last time the Vols beat the Gators. For now all of that is over.

This will be a huge confidence boost to the team, the coaching staff, and the fans. After looking very sloppy in their first three games, this team went out and played a depressing first half of football that surely had most fans despondent. Tennessee looked worse in the first half against Florida than they had the last couple of years. I thought it was over. I wanted to stop watching.

That’s what made the second half so thrilling. The first TD was nice; I thought it would maybe keep us in the game. And then the tds just kept coming. The big plays, the wide open receivers, the juggling catches down the sideline or the fingertip grab in the end zone for a TD. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

And then we were in the lead… Not only did we take the lead, we made the Gators look stupid in the process. Jalen Hurd turned what should have been a 2 yard run into a 20 yard run, dragging half the Florida team with him, his body hidden underneath a pile of players as he kept moving forward. Our receivers were wide open and gained lots of yards after the catch.

If you count the missed touchdowns in the first half, and the fact that the Vols finished the game on Florida’s 1 yard line, we should have hung 60 some odd points on them – the number one defense in the nation!

This was the game we needed. This game validated Butch Jones and everything he’s been working for. This game –honestly really just the second half –is exactly what we’ve been needing for years: a beatdown of a hated rival. Yeah we only won by 10 points, but anyone who saw the second half knows that that was a beat down.

We needed it because this game was the first in a stretch of brutal SEC games which includes Georgia, Texas A&M, and Alabama. After what I saw from Georgia the last couple of weeks, we should beat them, but you can’t take anything for granted. After that, the next two games will be absolutely savage. A&M can score loads of points and their defense is gelling. We all know what Alabama is capable of.

Beat Georgia and the Vols will be riding a wave of confidence not seen in Knoxville since before the iPhone was invented. All along Butch has been saying “brick by brick” but the structure is almost complete and it’s almost time to move in.

As for the fantasy matchups this week, there’s still one big game left tonight that figures to be a shootout.  Let’s take a look at this past weekend’s matchups and see what we find.

Aye Skipper @ Team GronkIfUrHorny

Lauren got her first win against Jordan on the backs of the Chiefs D and LeSean McCoy.  Jordan had a couple of good players in Jordy Nelson and Travis Kelce, but his running backs didn’t give him much help this week.  This is the only settled matchup this week as everyone else has someone going in MNF.  Jordan slips to 2-1 and Lauren gets to 1-2 on the season.

Team 2Gurley’sOneCup @ MayTheSchwartz BeWithYou

It is entirely possible that Nathan pulls out a win against Colton, but he would need 6 field goals from his kicker without Colton getting anything from his tight end.  I’ve seen kickers do stuff like that before, but it’s probably not likely.  Neither of these guys got what they wanted out of their QBs.  Great play of Christine Michael by Nathan, but he benched Carlos Hyde and Jeremy Hill and both of them went off.  Colton got a lot of points out of his Colts players and some points out of David Johnson, but we’re all left wondering what on earth happened to the Cardinals?  If this plays out like I think it will, Colton will keep rolling at 3-0 and Nathan will slip to 1-2.

Team JBone12155 @ Team Titans

Even though he has the worst team name in history, Jason is up 41.2 points with only Julio Jones left to play for David.  Jason finally got the performance out of his Lions players that he’s been needing all year.  Marvin Jones may challenge Antonio Brown for #1 receiver by the end of the year.  Roethlisberger didn’t give David near enough points, but he could still win, theoretically.  Julio needs something like 200 yds receiving and 3 tds, but hey, they’re playing the Saints, so anything’s possible.  I know it sucks having to watch the entire Monday night game and stressing over every single snap.  Every time Matt Ryan throws it to any another receiver, David will be yelling at the tv.  I’m just speculating though because I’ve never even met Brian’s “friend” David…..just kidding, David.

Multiple Scorgasms @ Big Daddy

It was nice to see Mitch this past Saturday when he stopped by to watch Tennessee shellac Florida.  I can’t help but think he brought the good luck with him.  He’s down right now to Brian but he has Drew Brees and Brandin Cooks going tonight and this one figures to be a shootout.  Brian finally got the points from Todd Gurley that he needed, but it’s probably not going to be enough this week, because his receivers didn’t help him out enough.  Remember if you have a player who is marked IR or O, you can slide them into your IR slot and pick up another player.  Josh Gordon is coming back soon so Brian will get some receiver help.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Team Spurlock

I’m in a tight matchup with Coleman with 4 guys going tonight between the 2 of us.  I took a flyer on Minnesota’s defense and they paid off with a masterful performance against one of the league’s best offenses in Carolina.  Unless Matt Ryan helps me out though, I may lose this one.  Can’t believe I’m betting on Matt fucking Ryan.  He is the #1 FF QB so far this year though and they’ve got a chance to score lots of points on the Saints.  Coleman had 91 points on his bench but it may not matter if he gets what he needs from Mark Ingram, Devonta Freeman and Coby Fleener. There could be a lot of points tonight, so we’re going to have to keep an eye on this game even though the presidential debate is also on tonight.

Some other random thoughts:  Colton will likely be the leader in the clubhouse as far as best record goes.  If I lose tonight, he’ll be all alone atop the leaderboard.  There’s still a lot of games left to play but he’s looking tough to beat right now.

How good did Dak Prescott look last night?  Cowboys fans must be riding high right now.  If you’re Jerry Jones and Tony Romo gets healthy, what do you do?  As long as Prescott plays this well, I think Tony Romo won’t ever get to 100% if you know what I mean.  If Romo is truly healthy and Dak stumbles, then you’ll see Romo take back over.  But the Tony Romo era in Dallas could very well be over.  Dak and Zeke Elliott behind that Dallas O-Line could be a force to reckon with this year and for years to come.

Why are the Colts wasting Andrew Luck’s talent by refusing to put a great team around him?  Will he wake up in a few years and wonder what could have been had the Colts only given him the talent he deserves?

The Eagles could make the Super Bowl.  Carson Wentz looks like the real deal. They embarrassed the Steelers yesterday and handed them their worst loss since 1989.  

The Patriots don’t have a QB as Brady is still out and everybody else is hurt.  Does anyone doubt that if they put Edelman or anyone else in there that they’ll still win?  This defense is sick.  As long as Belichick is in charge this team is going to win, no matter who plays QB.

Denver didn’t miss a beat.  Elway looks like a genius. Minnesota is the real deal; their defense will keep them in every game they play.  Aaron Rodgers might be back on track, finally. • Everybody was hyping Jacksonville this year, but they’re the same old Jags. Oakland has improved faster than they have…

Y’all have a good week and good luck tonight!



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