How Was Your Draft?

A quarter of the NFL season is in the books and now we have enough data on record to begin to examine some trends. A fantasy draft can make or break your season. How you draft and who you draft goes a long way in determining how well you do in a given year. A great draft can put you in great position for the playoffs. Sometimes great teams made on the waiver wire but it’s not common to find enough studs on the waiver to offset a bad draft. Generally only the QBs are sure things; you never truly know how any RB, WR or TE will perform or if he will stay healthy.  The large amount of injuries this year has thrown things into disarray as most teams scramble to find replacement players on the waiver wire. There are always a few break outs and you have to pay attention early to identify those guys and be in a position to add them to your team. Once a few weeks go by most of the good free agents have been picked up and you’re left hoping to have a low enough waiver order on a week where someone gets hurt and the backup is good enough and gets enough work for you to use as a starter.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at everyone’s teams to see how much roster churn there has been. The table below shows how many players on your roster were originally drafted. Everyone in the league has picked up at least 1 free agent but only Mitch and I have rosters with a large percentage of free agent acquisitions.

Team Drafted/Roster Size Pct. Orig. Drafted Win-Loss Record
Chad 6 / 16 38% 2-2
Mitch 8 / 16 50% 1-3
Jason 10 / 16 63% 2-2
Brian 3 / 16 69% 3-1
Lauren 15 / 16 94% 1-3
Colton 10 / 16 63% 4-0
Jordan 11 /16 69% 2-2
David 12 / 16 75% 2-2
Nathan 11 / 16 69% 2-2
Coleman 15 / 16 94% 1-3

Both Lauren and Coleman have 1-3 records and only 1 FA pickup each, but Mitch only has 50% of the guys he originally drafted and he has the same record.  Colton and Brian would appear to have had the best drafts with rosters with a 63% and a 69% of players originally drafted respectively.

You can’t draw too many conclusions yet, but I will keep an eye on these numbers as the season progresses to determine the quality of our drafts once more games have been played and we have more data on which to make a judgment.

Here’s a look forward to this weekend’s games.

Aye Skipper @ TwoGurleysOneCup

Colton is off to a great start already with David Johnson going off for 2 TDs last night.  He picked up Carson Wentz to replace Carson Palmer and it will be interesting to see if Wentz keeps his performance up.  It’s rare for a rookie QB to be picked up and started this early in a fantasy season.  By all appearances, though Wentz looks like a phenomenal talent.  Cleveland had a chance to draft him but they didn’t.  Instead they are starting their 26th different QB since 1999.  Jordan needs Julian Edelman to regain his form now that Brady’s back and he needs a great game from LeVeon Bell and Andrew Luck.  Colton has some Colts players so any TD throws Luck makes need to go players other than Gore or Hilton. Colton may well be on his way to a 2nd best regular season award.

Titans @ GronkIfUrHorny

The projections on this one are out of whack because Lauren doesn’t have a defense in.  David got a great head start with the Cardinals defense returning to form.  17 points out of your defense is pretty good.  David has some studs that are really starting to play well and it helped him to a win last week.  Lauren is probably hoping that Paxton Lynch can play as well as he did with Memphis.  He has a lot of fantasy potential, but you gotta keep an eye on this one because Siemian is back practicing, I think.

Multiple Scorgasms @ Team Spurlock

Coleman got a good head start last night.  Larry Fitzgerald played like he was 10 years younger.  He has now caught a TD pass from 13 different Cardinals quarterbacks.  Both of these teams have 3-4 players on bye weeks so they’ll have to figure out who to play to try to get a win.  There aren’t a lot of good free agents out there so maybe a timely trade is in order. This will be a good matchup to keep an eye on because they have the Abs in the Oakland/San Diego game and it figures to be a shoot out.  Both QBs are highly rated this week.

BigDaddy @ MayTheSchwartzBeWithYou

There’s finally some shit talk.  Let me quote Nathan:

[Brian] has a 3 and 1 team. All knowing Brian has the worst team besides Lauren Mann. She has an excuse, she’s a woman and has a small brain. Brian is just terrible

He insulted 2 people in one post.  Good job.  Now he needs to win this matchup or Brian will get the last laugh.  Still, it’s good to see some trash talk; it makes things more interesting.  The 49ers are terrible, but Carlos Hyde is a bright spot and the 5th best RB in fantasy. For some reason Brian is still hanging on to Danny Woodhead and Josh Gordon.  Who knows if Gordon will ever be back.  He went into rehab for alcohol.  He’s going to be the biggest waste of talent I’ve ever seen.  Nathan needs to find a replacement for Dez Bryant.  He’s surely hoping that Tom Brady comes back and has a 50 point game. He doesn’t talk to the media, but you would be foolish to think that Brady doesn’t want to come out and make a huge statement.  And they’re playing Cleveland.  They may have to drag Cleveland’s bloody corpse off the field after this game. With Tom Brady and Cam Newton on one team, Nathan may have the best QB unit in the league.  A timely trade could get him primed for the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers could stumble as the Giants pass defense is pretty good this year, unlike recent years.  This game could be a shoot out though, as Green Bay’s defense is not as good as they have been in past years.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Team JBone121255

Somebody please give Jason a suggestion for a team name, please.  I kid, I kid.  Jason had the presence of mind to pick up Terrance West before they cut Justin Forsett and he had 17 last week.  It’s rare to be in position to pick up a stud RB when the starter goes down, but Jason has gotten 2 of them.  Jerrick McKinnon had a 15 pt game last week and he could be a big part of the Vikings’ plans the rest of the way.  Currently Jason has Marvin Jones benched.  Detroit plays Philly and Philly has a much improved defense this year.  But if he decided to start Jones and Jones goes off like he did a couple weeks ago, he could get double points with Stafford.  Philly is coming off a bye and we don’t know how they’ll play, but they did get blown out by the Lions last year so you know they’re thinking about that.  This could be a bad week for Detroit.

That’s all I have for this week.  I’m planning another Great Moments in Fantasy Football post for later on in the weekend, so stay tuned.



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