Some Random Thoughts About the League

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliot is the NFL’s leading rusher and this week’s highest scorer.

I don’t really have a topic or a theme this week, so I thought I would just talk about some random things I think I think about the league.

Ratings for the NFL are down 11% this year.  No one can figure out why, but it’s going to be hard for the league to continue to demand more money from the networks if 10% fewer people are watching.  I’ve seen a lot of proposed reasons from the protests to the election. I wonder if Red Zone ratings figure in, because anyone I know who has RedZone watches that.  I think that some people have figured out that they don’t have to watch the games to play Fantasy.

Injuries are always a thing in the league, but it seems like they’re such a big factor this year.  It’s hard to field a roster with so many guys hurt.

Atlanta might be for real this year.  If they win this week against Seattle it’s time to crown them.  Minnesota is the team to beat in the NFC could we be setting up for a rematch of the 1998 NFC championship with these two teams?  They certainly look like the 2 best teams in that division.

In the AFC, of course the Patriots are always at or near the top.  Denver has only lost one game, but Pittsburgh and Oakland look like really good teams in that conference.  Cincinnati isn’t very good this year.  I don’t know if Oakland can beat New England, but Pittsburgh is such a high octane offense, they could certainly be there at the end of the season.

Jacksonville and Tampa were two hyped teams this season and both are a disappointment. These are two of the worst teams in the history of the league so we should have known better, I guess.  Here are some other bad teams:  Miami, Indianapolis, Cleveland, San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, and Carolina.  Yes, that’s right, Carolina is not good this year.

Until Dak Prescott stumbles, Dallas should ride with him.  Tony Romo is a good QB but he’s had so many injuries over the last couple of years.  Dak’s running ability is what has allowed Elliott to lead the league in rushing.  That and Dallas’s O-Line.  Romo doesn’t have that aspect to his game.  They haven’t taken the shackles off Dak yet and let him throw it downfield, but they might be the hottest team in the league right now with a two headed offensive attack.  They’re getting Dez Bryant back this week and they could be a tough. tough out.  Until someone makes Dak look human, I think you stay with him.  All you have to do is tell the media that Tony Romo is not 100% healthy yet and that he will come back when he’s 100%.

Let’s get to the matchups for this week:

First of all, it’s not right to not at least make an effort on Sunday to field a starting lineup. You shouldn’t start any players that are on a bye or on IR or marked as out.  I can go in to any team’s lineup and select the starters.  All you need to do is text me and I will take care of it.  It’s not fair to everyone else in the league that are putting forth an effort.  Please set your lineup each week or ask me to do it for you.  /rant over.

GronkIfUrHorny @ Titans

This was the most lopsided victory of the week.  David has Roethlisberger rolling now as well as Greg Olsen.  Olsen is on pace for 1600 yds receiving.  Julio Jones didn’t have a good week, but this was to be expected as Denver keyed in on him after his huge week last week.  Lauren had a lot of points on her bench and a lot of guys on a bye.  I think she will have a better chance this week.  David is on the rise with 2 wins in a row now.

Aye Skipper @ 2GurleysOneCup

Who is going to beat Colton?  Will anyone?  He didn’t even have that great of a draft, but he’s managed to pick up enough free agents to plug the holes in the dyke each week.  He only had 5 points on his bench, so he needed everyone to score.  Carson Wentz was decent, not great.  But T.Y. Hilton and David Johnson carried the load.  Jordan had a poor week from his WRs with Victor Cruz scoring 0 points.  Again Andrew Luck was the best player on his team with 22 pts, but he only had 2 guys in double figures and it just wasn’t good enough.  He will need a better effort out of his guys if he wants to make the playoffs. Jordan started off hot, but has dropped his last 3 games.

BigDaddy @ MayTheSchwartz BeWithYou

Brian’s luck ran out a little bit this week and Nathan got his second win in a row.  Brian had a few points on his bench but it wouldn’t have been enough to take Nathan down.  Tom Brady came back and had a great week against Cleveland. He’s home this week against Cincinnati so he might not have such a high scoring game.  Martellus Bennett also had a great week especially for a tight end.  The Texans were supposed to be a good team this year but their defense had a big fat goose egg.  Sure, JJ Watt is out for the season, but he’s only one man.  Carlos Hyde is doing well, but the rest of Nathan’s RBs are struggling.  Brian has a lot of guys on his bench that are out for the season, so he has some room to pick up some guys.  Is there anyone out there worth picking up?  The pickings are slim.

Multiple Scorgasms @ Team Spurlock

How must it feel to lose a game and your opponent didn’t even field a full roster?  I know the feeling because Mac of all people beat me in the same manner last year and it kept me from winning some money.  Mitch had a shitload of guys on a bye so he didn’t have much choice but to start the guys that he did start.  Coleman had a good game from Larry Fitzgerald and Phillip Rivers.  These two guys have been performing in fantasy football for so long it’s hard to believe that they are still as valuable as they are.  Both teams have losing records, but everyone is still in the playoff picture so 1 win this weekend could be the jumpstart that either of them need to put themselves in a good position.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Team JBone12155

I have a suggestion for Jason on his team name: The Barely L’Eagles.  It’s so right for so many reasons…  This game came down to Kelvin Benjamin (Jason) vs. Cameron Brate (me).  Don’t feel bad, no one knows who Cameron Brate is.  But I started him over Kyle Rudolph and it worked because Brate scored 3.8 and I won by 3.2.  Benjamin had 7 points.  I have no idea why they didn’t use him more Monday night.  A physical specimen like Benjamin should get 10-15 targets a game, period.  Throw it up to him and let him go up and get it.  Jason got some good points out of his Lions guys, but it wasn’t enough.

That’s all I got this week.  Kind of a weak effort, I know, but I will get better next time.  I hope you’re enjoying the Great Moments in Fantasy Football series.  I plan to keep posting those.  There have been some truly transcendent performances over the last few years and I want to highlight some of them.  If you have one you think I should cover let me know.  I will post the next one by the weekend.  Over and out.



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