Week 6 Recap

Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants

What is this dude thinking?

Odell Beckham finally had a great game last week, fulfilling expectations when he was drafted so high this year. But then he promptly removed his helmet incurring a 15 yard penalty which, if the Ravens weren’t so inept, would have allowed them to get in field position for a game winning field goal. The Ravens aren’t the same team they were years ago and so they lost, bailing Beckham out. As far as fantasy football goes, none of this matters, but it’s funny and it gives me something to make fun of.

What in the world was Beckham doing proposing to the kicker’s net? It’s just a bizarre event that really defies all explanation.  You don’t know whether to laugh or say what the fuck or all of the above.

Beckham’s actions are tolerable so long as he’s having games like last week. Even Eli Manning said it was easy to excuse his behavior when he goes 8 receptions for 222 yards and 2 TDs. But a point will be reached if he ever stops producing where his antics are too much to overcome. It happened to TO and it could happen to Beckham.

My other thought this week is this: Who is going to beat Alabama? ‘Bama looks unbeatable and they’re doing it on the ground. When you have a ground game this good, there’s no need to pass the ball. Since Saban was hired, Alabama has been good, but this year they look downright unbeatable.  I think the success can be attributed to one guy: Lane Kiffin.

Lane has transitioned Bama to a spread offense and has dragged Saban and Alabama into the 21st century. Bama used to run a pro-style offense and they did pretty well. But now that they’ve embraced the spread, they’re scoring 50 points a game, and they’re doing it on the ground. They put up nearly 500 yds rushing on Tennessee last week with 300 of that coming in the first half. Quarterback has always seemed to be Bama’s weakest link in their offense. The guys they’ve had over the last several years have been good game managers, but not the types of guys that you rely on to win games. Jalen Hurts is only a freshman and Bama is murdering his opponents. I have no idea if this guy can read defenses and throw the ball but if they can get him doing that, they will never lose again.

Lane Kiffin may not be a good head coach, but he’s one hell of an offensive coordinator.

Here’s what happened this week in the league:

2Gurley’sOneCup @ Big Daddy

This was the most lopsided matchup this week.  Colton won by 36.5 points over Brian.  When your defensive player is your highest scorer, you know you’ve got problems.  Colton just keeps rolling over his opponents. His QBs are his weakest area but as long as David Johnson goes off for 3 TDs his team will be hard to beat.  Nearly one third of Brian’s bench is guys who aren’t expected back this year so he has room to pick up some free agents.  There’s not a plethora of guys to pick up, but every week theres a couple of guys who no one is starting that go off for 20+ points.  Colton is now 6-0 and Brian is just 3-3.  Everything is still on the table for Brian, but Colton is starting to separate himself from the pack.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Aye Skipper

The next most lopsided game was this one.  Lamar Miller might have been the most hyped running back before the season and I drafted him.  Until this week he hasn’t produced commensurate with his draft spot.  This was the week he finally delivered. I didn’t have a great week otherwise, but the 30 pts from Miller was enough for a win.  Jordan picked up Sammie Coates and started him.  He has a great week previously, but he had a broken thumb or something and went for a goose egg.  Other than that his all-white receiver corps went for a combined 8.6.  You can’t win with an average of 4.3 from your WRs. Jordan moves to 2-4 having dropped the last 4 games but everything is still on the table.  You just need to be one of the top 5 to make the playoffs.

Team Spurlock @ Team GronkIfUrHorny

Coleman got to 3-3 this week with a much needed win over Lauren.  I don’t know how you keep Rob Gronkowski on the bench other than you just don’t check your lineup.  The 20 points that Gronk would have given Lauren over Clive Walford would have been enough for her 2nd win.  That and the 11 points at QB that Wilson would have provided.  I’m sure Coleman isn’t too upset, though because he got to .500 on the season even though he had a defensive player on a bye.  There’s money to be won here and someone is going to win it.

Multiple Scorgasms @ Team Barely L’Eagles

Mitch leaned on his Saints players for the bulk of his points.  Jason had some players that had a good week but surely he expected more from Antonio Brown.  When Big Ben goes down so does Brown’s value. Both of these teams are now 2-4 and neither one is out of it.  But either one or both will need to go on a run soon to get into position for the playoffs.

MayTheSchwartzBeWithYou @ Team Titans

Nathan has now won 3 in a row and moves into third place in the standings.  That would be good enough for a playoff bye if the playoffs were held today.  I told you to start Brady and it worked out despite Newton’s late push Sunday.  David had a few good performances, notably Julio Jones, but he lost because Big Ben got hurt and left the game.  He’s got Andy Dalton on his bench and Dalton played well last week so I think he will be ok.  David moves to 3-3 on the season but he would still make the playoffs if they were held today.

There’s a terrible game on tonight, so set your lineups.  See you this weekend.




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