3 Games Left


This is all your fault.

There are 3 games left and amazingly, no one is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention yet.  Colton could lose every remaining game and he would be in, but no one else is really assured a playoff spot.  Only 2 games separate 8 teams in the league with the great majority of teams stuck in the 5 win area.  There is no margin for error for Lauren, Jason, Jordan or Coleman.  If any of these teams lose 1 out of the last 3 games the chance they will make the playoffs goes way down.  A lot would have to go right but it’s not possible.

Any of the teams with 5 wins (Chad, Brian, Mitch, David) need to win as many games as possible because not all of these teams can make the playoffs.  In the event of a tiebreaker, points scored will be the deciding factor.  So it’s not just necessary to win games, you’ve got to score as many points as you can.  Someone is going to be disappointed, because only 5 teams can make the playoffs.

At 6-4, Nathan is probably in good shape, but nothing is guaranteed.  If he were to lose 2 out of the next 3 games and a couple of the 5 win teams wins out, it could put his playoff spot in jeopardy.  But for now, he’s the second seed with a first round bye.

Mitch has quietly moved up into the 4th place slot on the back of a defeat of the previously undefeated Colton.  Colton has probably his worst outing this weekend and Mitch had a really good one.  Mitch has gone from 2-5 to now 5-5 proving that you should never give up, as long as you keep winning there’s a chance.  He has the longest winning streak in the league with 3.

I have the longest losing streak in the league with 3 and a huge matchup against Nathan this week.  The prize for best record is still within reach for Nathan but it would entail him winning out and Colton losing out.  We’ll know more after this weekend and if I beat Nathan Colton will have best record regardless of what he does.

These last couple of weeks are super important and when it comes to fantasy football there are really 2 seasons: the regular season and the playoffs.  If your team is hot at the right time, you can go on a run and win it all.  You may have heard me tell this story, but several years ago a friend of mine had Tom Brady and Randy Moss the year when Brady set the record for most TD passes in a year.

My friend went 12-0 in the regular season and he steamrolled everybody he played.  He beat me twice that year.  We did not have a cash reward for best regular season record.  The playoffs started and we did not have first round byes. That week, it was snowing in Boston and Brady and Moss did not do much that week.  I beat him in the first round of the playoffs.  He did not get a chance to compete for third place.  He was out of the race with no cash.  He went 12-0 in the regular season and didn’t win any money.

Moral of the story is that getting to the playoffs is the first step.  From there, everything resets.  At least we have some cash for best record in this league.

Anyway, good luck to all of you this week except Nathan.


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