Week 2 Recap: Zeke Elliot Hands on Hips Edition

The NFL never suffers from a lack of things to talk about each week.  Usually there’s too much to talk about and you have to narrow it down.  One of the things that stood out the most to me this week was the absolutely awful performance by Zeke Elliott.  You don’t draft a guy like Elliott to get 8 yards from him.  This is the same guy who led the league in rushing last year.  Most fantasy championship winners had Elliott on their team and rode the rookie all the way to the title.  His pending suspension is the only thing that kept him from being drafted #1 overall.  When it was announced that he likely wouldn’t serve the suspension until next year, Elliott owners rejoiced at the value they got drafting a player of this caliber in the second round or late in the first.  But when they saw effort like this…..

they likely got pretty worried.  And for good reason.  A leader is supposed to set an example, not give up on the play.  When you lead the league in rushing, you’re looked at as a leader whether you want to be or not.  Now that teams have a lot of tape on Zeke you can bet they’ll use this to try and stop him.  If teams know that frustrating Zeke will cause him to give up on the team that gives them a way to beat the Cowboys.  I’m sure that teams are already game planning around this.  They would be foolish not to.  Also, you can’t have Jerry Jones out here making excuses for his star player if he wants the rest of the team to play hard.  You have to treat all players equally if you want to motivate them.  Jones is setting a scary precedent if you’re a Cowboys fan.  You can’t make an exception, you have to hold everyone to the same standard.  Or you could simply not comment to the media about it. This will be an exciting one to keep an eye on.

Eli Manning might be done.  The guy has won two super bowls, defeating the hated Patriots twice.  One of them was probably the best super bowl I’ve ever seen with one of the greatest plays in super bowl history (David Tyree helmet catch).  But to watch Eli now you wonder what happened to him and this team.  They have no offense.  Their defense is still pretty good, although not near as good as those defenses.    When you watch Eli get tackled by a ghost:

all you can do is laugh.  The Lions are much improved and they could go pretty far if they keep playing like this, but what happened to the Giants?  I’m tired of watching this team in prime time games.  Let see some teams that can play football, not QBs that get tackled by phantom defenders.

Marshawn Lynch looks happy to be playing football again for his home town team.

Here’s a word on trades:  When you propose a trade, everyone in the league then has 3 days to vote on the trade if they want to.  If the trade has 3 people vote against it, the trade doesn’t go through.  As the commissioner I can veto a trade instantly, but I will only do that for clearly one-sided trades.  For example, trading Tom Brady for Theo Riddick is a one-sided trade that will be vetoed.

The Games:  Lauren vs. Nick  Lauren had the best scoring week so far behind a great performance from Tom Brady, Ty Montgomery, andTravis Kelce.  This is the exact same thing Brady did last time he got mad.  A mad Brady is a good Brady as far as fantasy is concerned.  I’m sure Lauren hopes he stays mad, but they won’t play many defenses as bad as the Saints. Nick didn’t have a very good week.  87 points won’t win you many match ups.  The important thing is to just get to the playoffs, then the season resets.  But unless these guys play better I don’t know if that will happen for Nick.   If Lauren’s team keeps this up she could win it all.

Brian vs. Colton:  Colton has a pretty good week.  Drew Brees and Emmanuel Sanders were his best players.  The Saints will be playing from behind all year so Brees should put up record numbers again.  Brian had the lowest score of the league this year.  This is basically what his team did this week:

Yeah, you got that right, a belly flop into a pool of mayonnaise.  It’ll get better, by the law of averages, it just about has to.

Mitch vs. Nathan:  Mitch has the best running back situation in the league, and he was able to win pretty handily even with 29 points on his bench.  Kareem Hunt looks to be this year’s Zeke Elliott, and Kansas City looks to be a Super Bowl contender behind his running.  Mitch could ride these guys to a championship  if they keep playing like this.  Michael Crabtree also had a hell of a week.  It must be nice to be in this kind of shape.  Nathan had a good draft, but he’s now 0-2 and trying to plug holes in his roster. Like I said, you don’t draft Elliott to get 4.2 points from him.  Gurley looks to be back to his rookie year form and you can tell coaching makes all the difference in the world because now the Rams are playing good football (even though they lost).  They’ve been stockpiling talent for years, and it looks like they’re starting to put it all together. Cam Newton doesn’t look like himself though.  Might be time to dump him and give someone else a shot.  You can’t usually win with 10 points from your QB.

Ben vs. Jason: Ben won a match up even with his defensive player suspended.  Jason’s stud players like Antonio Brown and Matt Stafford didn’t do much this week and he lost because of it.  I’m sure they’ll be back nest week.  Ben had a lot of points on his bench which is one of the most frustrating things in playing fantasy football, but he won anyway because Freeman and Mike Evans really showed up this week.  If Ben gets the right lineup he could win a lot of match ups.

Chad vs. Jordan: My wide receivers struggles this week while Jordan had a good week out of his and that made the difference.  This was the closest match up of the week and it hurts to see your stud TE get placed on IR and lose a match up because of it.  Jordan needs a better performance from the bottom half of his roster going forward, but the important thing is to win and he did that so he’s in good shape.

I’ll wrap up with this.  Unfortunately this is going to be nine of us:



Proposed Scoring Changes

Nick noticed that the scoring settings did not include PPR and I think we should change it.  When I reset the league to add the new teams in I think it reset the scoring settings and I did not catch it.   I also would like to change the defense scoring settings to lessen the chances that a defense will score in the negative.     This is what is causing the problem with the defense scoring:

100-199 total yards allowed (YA199)  3 pts

200-299 total yards allowed (YA299)  2 pts

350-399 total yards allowed (YA399)  -1 pts

400-449 total yards allowed (YA449)  -3 pts

450-499 total yards allowed (YA499)  -5 pts

500-549 total yards allowed (YA549)  -6 pts

550+ total yards allowed (YA550)  -7 pts


I propose changing all the yardage allowed to zero points.  The rest of the defense scoring would stay the same.   Scoring settings can be viewed here:  http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=242090


The important thing is that once I change the scoring settings, it will be retroactive and will apply to all games played.   If we do this, I will have to go in and adjust scores to preserve the scoring and the wins and losses.  So this change won’t affect your record or your wins and losses but it will affect things going forward.  I think this is a good change because we drafted based on PPR and no one wants to start a player (defense) and get negative points for that player.  I know it’s unusual to change settings during the season but since we drafted based on PPR I think this change is needed but we’ll make sure everyone is comfortable with it or we won’t do it.    Let me know your thoughts on these proposed changes.


Week 1 Recap

I don’t know if you stayed up last night to watch the Chargers-Broncos game or not, but if you didn’t, you missed one of the all time biggest broadcasting train wrecks in sports history.   The broadcasting crew consisted of Beth Mowins, Rex Ryan, a ticking clock,  and sideline reporter Sergio Dipp.  Social media exploded after they saw Dipp’s sideline report.  It simply must be watched to be appreciated, so here you go:

This is a brand new “Boom goes the dynamite” moment that spawned a bunch of memes last night.

I don’t have a problem with a woman doing play-by-play, but Beth Mowin’s accent last night was just so weird.  Rex Ryan got better as the game went along, but he sounded like he was 10 feet from the microphone and he was like John Madden without the charisma, just giving you basic descriptions of the plays that any football fan would know.  Also, there was a super annoying ticking clock sound that went throughout the entire broadcast.  It sounded like someone was clicking a pen in the microphone.

It was like a high school crew decided to broadcast a game – on ESPN – on Monday night.  No wonder ESPN is losing subscribers.

It was a weird week of football.  Offenses were sluggish, multiple teams were shutdown or didn’t score a TD.  A LOT of stars didn’t do much at all if anything.  David Johnson went out for the season (probably).  Adrian Peterson had 18 yds rushing and looked like he wanted to whip Sean Payton with a switch. Tom Brady was dead last in the league in completion percentage.  But don’t panic just yet, something similar happened last year.  Teams will get their legs under them.  There’s a lot more I could say, but let’s just move on to the games.

Nick v. Nathan.  The closest game going into the week was this one.  Tied up going into Monday night, Nathan had a defense, and Nick had a receiver.  Nick’s Falcons guys did pretty well even though he had Austin Hooper on the bench but Nathan’s Steelers guys didn’t do much.  Zeke Elliott had an alright game but LeVeon Bell did poorly; much, much less than you expect from the first overall pick.  If I were Nathan though, I would be relieved for 2 reasons: 1.  It looks like Zeke will play all season and serve his suspension next season.  And 2, he could have drafted David Johnson first overall.  Nathan’s wide receiver crew is pretty thin.  Nick won a game but had a mediocre performance at best from most of his roster.  I’m sure it will get better though.

Mitch v. Brian.  I thought Mitch’s team was named after those memes on facebook that middle aged women go crazy for but his avatar makes me question that. He had a guy go off for over 40 points though so it’s all good.  I’m not sure why he benched Jordy Nelson, but he didn’t need him as he cruised to a win over Big Daddy Brian who had negative points from his defense. Brian had a decent performance, but let’s be honest, what in the fuck happened to Jimmy Graham?!?  In New Orleans he was a TD machine and he might as well be in the witness protection program now.  0.8 points.  I think I could suit up and get 0.8 points. What round did he get Adam Thielen in? He was the highest scoring WR in this entire matchup and was probably drafted last out of all of them.  This guy is sneaky good and if the Vikings get OL play like they did Monday night they’re going to score loads of points this year.  They looked incredible, but they did play the Saints so let’s hold off on getting high expectations.

Chad v. Lauren. You don’t draft Tom Brady to score 10.7 points.  Here’s some of the guys who scored more than Tom:  Mike Glennon, DeShone Kizer (rookie), and Jared freakin’ Goff.  Lauren didn’t start an IDP player, but it wouldn’t have likely mattered.  I’m worried about Greg Olsen and A.J. Green.  We’ll just put it behind us and move on to the next week.  Lauren had a good week from her RBs.  Dalvin Cook had a great night and he’ll continue to get better.  The Vikings were right to dump AP for Cook.  He’s going to be a great player for a team who could go deep in the playoffs if they continue to play like they did last night.

Jason v. Colton.  I’ll be honest, when Jason drafted the Jags defense I thought he was crazy.  29 points later I feel stupid.  Jason had the strongest week of anyone.  Stafford justified his contract by the way he played.  The Lions put up 35 on one of the better defenses in the league and this could finally be their year.  If the Lions somehow make it to the super bowl it would be a great story.  Their offense is high octane and maybe they got their defense fixed.  Not even an amazing performance on defense from the Rams (of all teams) was enough to save Colton.  You don’t draft guys like Julio Jones to get 8 points from them.  None of his skill guys except for Brees were in double figures.  His RB crew looks a little sparse, but things could change.  It usually takes offenses a couple weeks to get going.

Jordan v. Ben. Jordan got the win, but also some bad news.  With David Johnson out for 2-3 months there’s no guarantee that they will even use him when he gets back healthy.  If the season goes the way most people now think it will, they might shelve him until next year.  They have a lot of old guys so they might decide to write this year off and plan for next.  Jordan should move Johnson to his IR slot and pick up someone else.  Mike Gillislee was a bright spot, but a couple of years ago the Pats had a RB get 3 TDs in one game and then 2 weeks later they cut him.  You never know what they’re going to do with their RBs so it makes it near impossible to plan.  Dak is looking good again so that’s a bright spot as well.  Ben didn’t have anyone score in double figures and he started Mike Evans who was on a bye.  It wouldn’t have mattered though because none of his bench guys would have given him enough points for the win.   Derek Carr might be the better play going forward not only because the Raiders are one of the highest scoring teams in the league, but if Seattle’s OL plays like they did last week,


Seattle’s O Line in Mid-Season Form Already



Russell Wilson might not live through the season.  Vontaze Burfict is suspended so Ben also needs a defensive player.

So that’s it for week 1.  Let the mad scramble for Free Agents begin!





Team Name Ideas

Nine E’Le’Veon
Zeke-a Virus
Seaucide Squad
Sandusky Shower Boys
Girth Brooks
God Hates Jags
Gronkey Kong
Luck Buddies
Rudolph the RedZone Reindeer
Tickle me Manzielmo
Beef Ellington
Backfield Penetration
Gronkey Punch
Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile High Club
Any Given Hyundai.
Zac Sabbath
Inglorious Staffords
No Romo
Dirty Landry
Morning Woodhead
Full Blown Aids!
Dead Robin Williams Society
Hobby Lobby Unwanted Miracles
Fourth and Lynches
Manning Faced God
More than a Thielen
Boston TE Party
Dalvin and the Chipmunks
The Real Slim Shady McCoy
Mariota Kart
DakStreet Boys
Dalvin and Hobbes
Graham by the Pussy
Green Eggs and Cam
Immy GOATroppolo
Suh-Tang Clan
Trubisky Business
Gruden Gone Wild
Saved by Odell
Dirty Landry
Rudolph the Redzone Reindeer
Brussels Wilson
Honey Funchess of Oats
Watt me Whip, Watt me JJ
The Forsett Awakens
Gronktanamo Bay
Ertz, Wentz, & Fire
Under the Influwentz
Jackin’ Goff
Flacco Seagulls
Childish Cambino
American Hoyer Story
Brock Lives Matter
Stafford Infection
Dak That Pass Up