Check In

There’s only a couple of games left in the fantasy season so let’s check in and see where everybody’s at as we move closer to the playoffs.

I’m not sure if you’re up to date on Jerry Jones and his fight with the league, but Jerry is now threatening to sue the NFL to block the new contract for Commissioner Goodell.  He’s upset that the commissioner might have lied about some report having to do with the Zeke Elliott suspension.  So now he wants to change the commissioner’s contract to make it incentive based instead of guaranteed.  Goodell is furious and is digging in his heels so this is going to be a huge fight in the coming weeks.

The commissioner’s contract terms were approved back in May, and Jerry is now making huge waves about it.  The owners removed him from the compensation committee and now you’re going to see a multi billionaire throw a very public fit.

Papa John Schnatter came out and blamed the NFL for slumping sales and said he may pull his sponsorship altogether.  He’s mad that they aren’t forcing players to stand during the anthem.  This is a classic case of why businesses should stay out of politics altogether.  Now that Papa John has made these comments, the Alt Right Nazis like the website StormFront have now made Papa John’s the official pizza of the alt-right.  So now Papa John is asking people (nazis) not to buy his pizza.

papa johns

Yeah, I don’t really think it’s the NFL’s fault.

Since Jerry Jones owns over 120 Papa John franchises this was probably something Jerry cooked up with Papa John to try and put pressure on Goodell.  This thing is going to get messy before it gets better.

Let’s just be honest, everybody but Ben is still in the thick of things.  These last 3 games are crucial to your playoff chances.  The top 5 teams will make the playoffs and the three best teams get a first round bye.  If the playoffs were this weekend, the teams that go would be (in order):  Jason, Nathan Chad, Mitch, Nick.  Colton, Brian, Lauren and Jordan are all right there only 2 games out of first with 3 games to play.

Everything you do from here on out will be critical.  Start the wrong QB one week and your stud plays a division game which turns out to be lower scoring game while your benched guy gets in a shoot out with a normally stout defense?  Fuck you, pay me.

Trade away your backup QB while your other QB, the hottest QB in the league tears an ACL in practice?  Fuck you, pay me.

Nathan still almost won his matchup this week even with that happening to him.  He had the second highest point total this week.

Colton went all in on the Philly offense and if they’re going to score around 50 each week it might be enough to offset the other guys in his lineup.  If he manages a couple wins over the right teams he could still make the playoffs.

Jason’s pretty happy I imagine because he’s now 7-2 and the Lions are in good shape.  They went an entire game against Green Bay without punting once. Think about how easy the job of punter has to be.  You’re just like the kicker but very rarely is the game on the line when you go to kick.  Jason gets Colton at the right time with Philly on a bye.  He could put himself in even better position with a win this week.

Jordan got a win to keep himself in it.  Both he and Lauren didn’t start a kicker but it canceled itself out and Jordan won easily.  It’s impressive when you consider that he had 7 players on a bye and still won.  That could be a good omen for Jordan that he’s going to make a push.  We’ll see.  He’s got Ben this weekend so there you go.

Now that Watson is out, Nick has the highest scoring QB in the league with Goff, who had 31 on the bench.  He beat Brian pretty easily to stay right in the upper middle of the pack. There’s something with both Atlanta and Cincinnatti.  They both used to score a lot of points and have fallen off the map this year. Nick and Nathan play this week in a game that could have huge implications.

Mitch and Brian play each other this weekend and Brian has 5 guys on a bye.  With a win, Mitch could put himself in a spot for a first round bye.  Brian needs a win this weekend or he’ll probably have to win the last 2 games just to get in the playoffs.

Lauren has 2 of her better players on bye this week.  TE is a tough spot to fill.  I have 4 TEs if anyone wants or needs one.  You’ve got to maximize every roster spot you can. Trade deadline is Nov. 22nd.  She needs a win this weekend or she’ll be in must win territory, too.

Let’s end it on this.  If Tennessee loses against Missouri which they likely will, they’ll have a current losing streak against every team in the SEC.  Let that sink in for a minute.

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