Your Thursday Night Thread


Who designed these uniforms?

So NFL ratings are down for the season?? I’ve got an idea, let’s put Titans-Jaguars on Thursday night. And you know what, let’s dress the Jaguars up like giant bottles of Grey Poupon. Surely that will get people to watch? The Jags are near the top of the draft every year, and Blake Bortles and even T.J. Yeldon were pretty good last year. So what does everybody do? They predict Jacksonville to make the playoffs for the first time in a generation.

The Titans are also near the top of the draft each year and they went the same route as the Jags, drafting an Alabama running back. Both teams did a similar thing in keeping a head coach that badly under performs expectations. The Titans are only in the second year of this coach while Jacksonville is in the 4th year of the Gus Bradley experiment. Somehow though these two teams have switched positions with each other. Tennessee has been better than expected and they have a lot of young talent that look like they will be leading the organization for years to come. They’re 3-4 and Jacksonville is 2-4, but the Titans have been more competitive in all of their games.

Still the fact remains, tonight’s game will feature the Titans and Jaguars. Hey, what’s on PBS tonight? A documentary on the golden age of Russian poetry? Let’s watch that. Better yet, just kill me and get it over with.

I know there’s a rule that every team must be featured on Thursday night so that all teams are treated equally, but let me ask a better question? Why are there Thursday night games at all? I understand Thanksgiving, it makes great sense: there’s nothing else to do when you’re sitting around with your family. Once you make your yearly small talk with that uncle you only see once a year, what else is there to do? Football gives us a common identity and language. It gives us something to talk about with that uncle we never see. But enough with the Thursday games the rest of the year.

Here’s another thing, Thursday night games are bad for fantasy football. You have to make decisions about who to start too early in the week. If you have a good night that’s cool, but too often the players are not fully rested and the games aren’t high scoring enough to make it worthwhile for fantasy football. I’ve never heard of anyone who likes Thursday games from a fantasy football perspective. We’ll have to accept it because there are no signs that it’s going away. I like some of the Color Rush uniforms, but these grey poupon ones you’ll see tonight are going to make you want to throw up.

Nothing left to do but look at last week’s games:


2GurleysOneCup @ Titans

Colton is getting close to wrapping up the cash for the best regular season record with 6 games still to go.  He’s been on such a run that he would need to lose 50% of the remaining games and someone else would have to win out.   Injuries can happen at any time as we all are painfully aware so anything could still happen.  I will have to hand it to him though, Colton has played the waiver wire incredibly well.  The only guy he had below double figures was his IDP.  David had a decent week, but he lost by like 60 so that’s little comfort.  Playoffs are still attainable so there’s no need to hit the panic button.

MayTheSchwartz yada, yada, yada @ Spurlock

It gets tiring typing out the team names each week, so there you go.  Nathan continues to romp and adding Devontae Booker this week is only going to continue to help him if the rumors about CJ Anderson are true.  Even though Coleman had a good week you certainly don’t draft Odell Beckham hoping for 4.9 points.  Here is a list of WRs that were better than Beckham this week:  Davante Adams, AJ Green, Mike Evans, T.Y. Hilton, Julio Jones, Randall Cobb,  Kenny Stills,  Michael Crabtree, Marquise Goodwin, Tyrell Williams, Brandon LaFell,  Michael Thomas, Tavon Austin, Russell Shepard, Quincy Enunwa,  Cordarelle Patterson, Ty Montgomery, Tyreek Hill, Mike Wallace,  Antonio Brown, Brandin Cooks, Marquise Lee, Jamison Crowder, Demaryius Thomas, Josh Huff, Jarvis Landry, Willie Snead,  Marvin Jones,  Golden Tate,  Brian Quick,  Chris Moore, Darius Heyward-Bey, Anquan Boldin, JJ Nelson, Emmanuel Sanders, Brandon Marshall, Johnny Colton, Robby Anderson, Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Coleman, Doug Baldwin, Dorial Green-Beckham, Michael Floyd, Adam Thielen, Dontrelle Inman, Victor Cruz, Kamar Aiken, Travis Benjamin, Joshua Bellamy, Jermaine Kearse, & Julian Edelman.  So nearly everyone.  Let that sink in a minute.   Nathan is in good shape and Coleman is right in the thick of things.  Everything is still on the table.

GronkIfUrHorny @ Barely L’Eagles

Lauren could have had her second win if she had started Gordon.  He’s the #3 RB in the league.  Jason got an easy win keeping him right in the thick of the playoffs hunt.  He didn’t have an amazing week from really anyone, but combined he had nearly 100.  Stafford continues to play well.  He’s an amazing talent I just hope they don’t squander it.

Aye Skipper @ Big Daddy

I’m not sure why Brian is still holding onto Josh Gordon.  There’s 6 weeks left in the season and no indication of his return.  Eric Decker is also out for the season so that could free up 2 roster spots.  Jordan won the matchup on the strength of Andrew Luck.  Just like the Colts, if he plays well Jordan wins, if he doesn’t he loses.  Consistency in fantasy football is key.  Maybe this trade will help his team maintain it a little more.  Both teams are 3-4 so these next 6 weeks will be crucial to sort out the playoff lineup.  You’ll need to win more than you lose.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Multiple Scorgasms

Mitch and I were the 2 worst teams in the league this week (except Lauren).  I was watching the Monday Night game with a lot of anxiety and I was lucky to get enough points out of my Houston guys to eke out the win.  Houston is not a good team, unfortunately.  For some reason they agreed to pay Brock Osweiler $18 million a year while Trevor Siemian is making $600,000.  You read that right:  Osweiler is making 30 times what Siemian is making.  Whoops.  I wonder how bad the buyer’s remorse is in Houston?   Mitch is still in the playoff race but he will need to win probably 5 out of the next 6 to have a chance at it unless someone at 3-4 tanks the rest of the season.  Brian, I’m looking at you.

Well that’s it for another column.  Enjoy whatever you decide to watch tonight.  I might just take up needlepoint to give me something to keep myself entertained because this game likely won’t be enough to do it.  Happy Halloween guys.







Week 6 Recap

Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants

What is this dude thinking?

Odell Beckham finally had a great game last week, fulfilling expectations when he was drafted so high this year. But then he promptly removed his helmet incurring a 15 yard penalty which, if the Ravens weren’t so inept, would have allowed them to get in field position for a game winning field goal. The Ravens aren’t the same team they were years ago and so they lost, bailing Beckham out. As far as fantasy football goes, none of this matters, but it’s funny and it gives me something to make fun of.

What in the world was Beckham doing proposing to the kicker’s net? It’s just a bizarre event that really defies all explanation.  You don’t know whether to laugh or say what the fuck or all of the above.

Beckham’s actions are tolerable so long as he’s having games like last week. Even Eli Manning said it was easy to excuse his behavior when he goes 8 receptions for 222 yards and 2 TDs. But a point will be reached if he ever stops producing where his antics are too much to overcome. It happened to TO and it could happen to Beckham.

My other thought this week is this: Who is going to beat Alabama? ‘Bama looks unbeatable and they’re doing it on the ground. When you have a ground game this good, there’s no need to pass the ball. Since Saban was hired, Alabama has been good, but this year they look downright unbeatable.  I think the success can be attributed to one guy: Lane Kiffin.

Lane has transitioned Bama to a spread offense and has dragged Saban and Alabama into the 21st century. Bama used to run a pro-style offense and they did pretty well. But now that they’ve embraced the spread, they’re scoring 50 points a game, and they’re doing it on the ground. They put up nearly 500 yds rushing on Tennessee last week with 300 of that coming in the first half. Quarterback has always seemed to be Bama’s weakest link in their offense. The guys they’ve had over the last several years have been good game managers, but not the types of guys that you rely on to win games. Jalen Hurts is only a freshman and Bama is murdering his opponents. I have no idea if this guy can read defenses and throw the ball but if they can get him doing that, they will never lose again.

Lane Kiffin may not be a good head coach, but he’s one hell of an offensive coordinator.

Here’s what happened this week in the league:

2Gurley’sOneCup @ Big Daddy

This was the most lopsided matchup this week.  Colton won by 36.5 points over Brian.  When your defensive player is your highest scorer, you know you’ve got problems.  Colton just keeps rolling over his opponents. His QBs are his weakest area but as long as David Johnson goes off for 3 TDs his team will be hard to beat.  Nearly one third of Brian’s bench is guys who aren’t expected back this year so he has room to pick up some free agents.  There’s not a plethora of guys to pick up, but every week theres a couple of guys who no one is starting that go off for 20+ points.  Colton is now 6-0 and Brian is just 3-3.  Everything is still on the table for Brian, but Colton is starting to separate himself from the pack.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Aye Skipper

The next most lopsided game was this one.  Lamar Miller might have been the most hyped running back before the season and I drafted him.  Until this week he hasn’t produced commensurate with his draft spot.  This was the week he finally delivered. I didn’t have a great week otherwise, but the 30 pts from Miller was enough for a win.  Jordan picked up Sammie Coates and started him.  He has a great week previously, but he had a broken thumb or something and went for a goose egg.  Other than that his all-white receiver corps went for a combined 8.6.  You can’t win with an average of 4.3 from your WRs. Jordan moves to 2-4 having dropped the last 4 games but everything is still on the table.  You just need to be one of the top 5 to make the playoffs.

Team Spurlock @ Team GronkIfUrHorny

Coleman got to 3-3 this week with a much needed win over Lauren.  I don’t know how you keep Rob Gronkowski on the bench other than you just don’t check your lineup.  The 20 points that Gronk would have given Lauren over Clive Walford would have been enough for her 2nd win.  That and the 11 points at QB that Wilson would have provided.  I’m sure Coleman isn’t too upset, though because he got to .500 on the season even though he had a defensive player on a bye.  There’s money to be won here and someone is going to win it.

Multiple Scorgasms @ Team Barely L’Eagles

Mitch leaned on his Saints players for the bulk of his points.  Jason had some players that had a good week but surely he expected more from Antonio Brown.  When Big Ben goes down so does Brown’s value. Both of these teams are now 2-4 and neither one is out of it.  But either one or both will need to go on a run soon to get into position for the playoffs.

MayTheSchwartzBeWithYou @ Team Titans

Nathan has now won 3 in a row and moves into third place in the standings.  That would be good enough for a playoff bye if the playoffs were held today.  I told you to start Brady and it worked out despite Newton’s late push Sunday.  David had a few good performances, notably Julio Jones, but he lost because Big Ben got hurt and left the game.  He’s got Andy Dalton on his bench and Dalton played well last week so I think he will be ok.  David moves to 3-3 on the season but he would still make the playoffs if they were held today.

There’s a terrible game on tonight, so set your lineups.  See you this weekend.



Some Random Thoughts About the League

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliot is the NFL’s leading rusher and this week’s highest scorer.

I don’t really have a topic or a theme this week, so I thought I would just talk about some random things I think I think about the league.

Ratings for the NFL are down 11% this year.  No one can figure out why, but it’s going to be hard for the league to continue to demand more money from the networks if 10% fewer people are watching.  I’ve seen a lot of proposed reasons from the protests to the election. I wonder if Red Zone ratings figure in, because anyone I know who has RedZone watches that.  I think that some people have figured out that they don’t have to watch the games to play Fantasy.

Injuries are always a thing in the league, but it seems like they’re such a big factor this year.  It’s hard to field a roster with so many guys hurt.

Atlanta might be for real this year.  If they win this week against Seattle it’s time to crown them.  Minnesota is the team to beat in the NFC could we be setting up for a rematch of the 1998 NFC championship with these two teams?  They certainly look like the 2 best teams in that division.

In the AFC, of course the Patriots are always at or near the top.  Denver has only lost one game, but Pittsburgh and Oakland look like really good teams in that conference.  Cincinnati isn’t very good this year.  I don’t know if Oakland can beat New England, but Pittsburgh is such a high octane offense, they could certainly be there at the end of the season.

Jacksonville and Tampa were two hyped teams this season and both are a disappointment. These are two of the worst teams in the history of the league so we should have known better, I guess.  Here are some other bad teams:  Miami, Indianapolis, Cleveland, San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, and Carolina.  Yes, that’s right, Carolina is not good this year.

Until Dak Prescott stumbles, Dallas should ride with him.  Tony Romo is a good QB but he’s had so many injuries over the last couple of years.  Dak’s running ability is what has allowed Elliott to lead the league in rushing.  That and Dallas’s O-Line.  Romo doesn’t have that aspect to his game.  They haven’t taken the shackles off Dak yet and let him throw it downfield, but they might be the hottest team in the league right now with a two headed offensive attack.  They’re getting Dez Bryant back this week and they could be a tough. tough out.  Until someone makes Dak look human, I think you stay with him.  All you have to do is tell the media that Tony Romo is not 100% healthy yet and that he will come back when he’s 100%.

Let’s get to the matchups for this week:

First of all, it’s not right to not at least make an effort on Sunday to field a starting lineup. You shouldn’t start any players that are on a bye or on IR or marked as out.  I can go in to any team’s lineup and select the starters.  All you need to do is text me and I will take care of it.  It’s not fair to everyone else in the league that are putting forth an effort.  Please set your lineup each week or ask me to do it for you.  /rant over.

GronkIfUrHorny @ Titans

This was the most lopsided victory of the week.  David has Roethlisberger rolling now as well as Greg Olsen.  Olsen is on pace for 1600 yds receiving.  Julio Jones didn’t have a good week, but this was to be expected as Denver keyed in on him after his huge week last week.  Lauren had a lot of points on her bench and a lot of guys on a bye.  I think she will have a better chance this week.  David is on the rise with 2 wins in a row now.

Aye Skipper @ 2GurleysOneCup

Who is going to beat Colton?  Will anyone?  He didn’t even have that great of a draft, but he’s managed to pick up enough free agents to plug the holes in the dyke each week.  He only had 5 points on his bench, so he needed everyone to score.  Carson Wentz was decent, not great.  But T.Y. Hilton and David Johnson carried the load.  Jordan had a poor week from his WRs with Victor Cruz scoring 0 points.  Again Andrew Luck was the best player on his team with 22 pts, but he only had 2 guys in double figures and it just wasn’t good enough.  He will need a better effort out of his guys if he wants to make the playoffs. Jordan started off hot, but has dropped his last 3 games.

BigDaddy @ MayTheSchwartz BeWithYou

Brian’s luck ran out a little bit this week and Nathan got his second win in a row.  Brian had a few points on his bench but it wouldn’t have been enough to take Nathan down.  Tom Brady came back and had a great week against Cleveland. He’s home this week against Cincinnati so he might not have such a high scoring game.  Martellus Bennett also had a great week especially for a tight end.  The Texans were supposed to be a good team this year but their defense had a big fat goose egg.  Sure, JJ Watt is out for the season, but he’s only one man.  Carlos Hyde is doing well, but the rest of Nathan’s RBs are struggling.  Brian has a lot of guys on his bench that are out for the season, so he has some room to pick up some guys.  Is there anyone out there worth picking up?  The pickings are slim.

Multiple Scorgasms @ Team Spurlock

How must it feel to lose a game and your opponent didn’t even field a full roster?  I know the feeling because Mac of all people beat me in the same manner last year and it kept me from winning some money.  Mitch had a shitload of guys on a bye so he didn’t have much choice but to start the guys that he did start.  Coleman had a good game from Larry Fitzgerald and Phillip Rivers.  These two guys have been performing in fantasy football for so long it’s hard to believe that they are still as valuable as they are.  Both teams have losing records, but everyone is still in the playoff picture so 1 win this weekend could be the jumpstart that either of them need to put themselves in a good position.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Team JBone12155

I have a suggestion for Jason on his team name: The Barely L’Eagles.  It’s so right for so many reasons…  This game came down to Kelvin Benjamin (Jason) vs. Cameron Brate (me).  Don’t feel bad, no one knows who Cameron Brate is.  But I started him over Kyle Rudolph and it worked because Brate scored 3.8 and I won by 3.2.  Benjamin had 7 points.  I have no idea why they didn’t use him more Monday night.  A physical specimen like Benjamin should get 10-15 targets a game, period.  Throw it up to him and let him go up and get it.  Jason got some good points out of his Lions guys, but it wasn’t enough.

That’s all I got this week.  Kind of a weak effort, I know, but I will get better next time.  I hope you’re enjoying the Great Moments in Fantasy Football series.  I plan to keep posting those.  There have been some truly transcendent performances over the last few years and I want to highlight some of them.  If you have one you think I should cover let me know.  I will post the next one by the weekend.  Over and out.


Monday Night Massacre


Vick’s First Pass was an 88 yd Bomb to DeSean Jackson.

Michael Vick has been a household name for years. People followed him closely through his college career at Virginia Tech, when he was drafted with the #1 overall pick by the Falcons in the 2001 NFL Draft, his streaky attempts at being the dominant player in fantasy football we knew he could be, through his untimely demise off the field. People know who he is without caring about football, and that can be a good or bad thing. The reason he is known is for the most heinous acts, and unfortunately, will be talked about alongside his football career throughout the rest of his life. But after his hiatus from football, Michael Vick returned, and came back into our lives, and on a Monday Night, November 15th, 2010, he showed us what he was always capable of.

When Vick came back from being in prison, he was given a chance with the Eagles, but not as a starter. He was not given the opportunity to start until Week 2 of 2010 when starter Kevin Kolb went down with a concussion. He performed well in his first two games as a starter, but suffered an injury in week 4 which sidelined him until week 8, where he had a decent-but not spectacular-game. The real fireworks would have to wait until the next week, on the biggest stage, Monday Night Football against Washington.

The Eagles received the opening kickoff and were positioned on their own 12 yard line. The first play from scrimmage went something like this:

Michael Vick pass complete deep middle to DeSean Jackson for 88 yards, touchdown.

The play was simple enough; fake handoff to the running back, Vick rolls left, throws a bomb to Desean Jackson. Vick threw the ball at his own 4 and Jackson caught it at the Washington 35 which is an insane 61 yard pass THROUGH THE AIR!! People danced in the streets; babies laughed.  And all the fantasy football fans that had held onto Vick through the injury and started him that night were erupting with delight for the quickest 7 points you can get in standard leagues. Little did they know at the time but Vick was going to give them far more to be happy about.

Washington got the ball, went 3-and-out and punted it back to the Eagles. 4 plays later this happened:

Michael Vick right end for 7 yards, touchdown

The fantasy players starting him that week came to a realization at this point: Vick was going to have a historic game and they were going to win their matchup.

The fantasy players who were facing him or that benched him that week had a different thought, “Now, where did I put that gun?”

Vick always had the skill set to go off on any given week with his strong arm and rushing ability but it never truly clicked to the extent we all wanted.  However, this didn’t stop him from being a top 5 pick for years.

By halftime Vick added 2 more passing TDs (one to McCoy and another on an absolute perfect pass and incredible catch by Maclin) and a rushing TD. The second half was quieter-he only threw one TD to Jason Avant.

When the clock read 00:00, the final score was Eagles 59Washington 28, and this was Vick’s scoring line:

M. Vick 20 28 333 4 0 88 8 80 2 21

That comes to a delicious total of 49.32 fantasy points, making the devoted Vick starters forget all about the off-the-field issues, and Vick benchers wish he was still in prison.

Vick went on to a pretty good 2010 career but, like his entire career, the injury bug bit him again and again, aggravating any person who owns stock in him. There is a reason people drafted him even with all the injury questions.  That reason was that he could go for fifty at any moments notice.

Vick never fully lived up to his expectations but on that November night-now known as the Monday Night Massacre-Vick showed not only the Eagles that they made the right choice by trading McNabb (the QB for the Redskins this game who threw 3 picks against his former team), but every owner that pledged their allegiance that he, if healthy, is the most dangerous QB in the league.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more Great Moments in Fantasy Football History.

How Was Your Draft?

A quarter of the NFL season is in the books and now we have enough data on record to begin to examine some trends. A fantasy draft can make or break your season. How you draft and who you draft goes a long way in determining how well you do in a given year. A great draft can put you in great position for the playoffs. Sometimes great teams made on the waiver wire but it’s not common to find enough studs on the waiver to offset a bad draft. Generally only the QBs are sure things; you never truly know how any RB, WR or TE will perform or if he will stay healthy.  The large amount of injuries this year has thrown things into disarray as most teams scramble to find replacement players on the waiver wire. There are always a few break outs and you have to pay attention early to identify those guys and be in a position to add them to your team. Once a few weeks go by most of the good free agents have been picked up and you’re left hoping to have a low enough waiver order on a week where someone gets hurt and the backup is good enough and gets enough work for you to use as a starter.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at everyone’s teams to see how much roster churn there has been. The table below shows how many players on your roster were originally drafted. Everyone in the league has picked up at least 1 free agent but only Mitch and I have rosters with a large percentage of free agent acquisitions.

Team Drafted/Roster Size Pct. Orig. Drafted Win-Loss Record
Chad 6 / 16 38% 2-2
Mitch 8 / 16 50% 1-3
Jason 10 / 16 63% 2-2
Brian 3 / 16 69% 3-1
Lauren 15 / 16 94% 1-3
Colton 10 / 16 63% 4-0
Jordan 11 /16 69% 2-2
David 12 / 16 75% 2-2
Nathan 11 / 16 69% 2-2
Coleman 15 / 16 94% 1-3

Both Lauren and Coleman have 1-3 records and only 1 FA pickup each, but Mitch only has 50% of the guys he originally drafted and he has the same record.  Colton and Brian would appear to have had the best drafts with rosters with a 63% and a 69% of players originally drafted respectively.

You can’t draw too many conclusions yet, but I will keep an eye on these numbers as the season progresses to determine the quality of our drafts once more games have been played and we have more data on which to make a judgment.

Here’s a look forward to this weekend’s games.

Aye Skipper @ TwoGurleysOneCup

Colton is off to a great start already with David Johnson going off for 2 TDs last night.  He picked up Carson Wentz to replace Carson Palmer and it will be interesting to see if Wentz keeps his performance up.  It’s rare for a rookie QB to be picked up and started this early in a fantasy season.  By all appearances, though Wentz looks like a phenomenal talent.  Cleveland had a chance to draft him but they didn’t.  Instead they are starting their 26th different QB since 1999.  Jordan needs Julian Edelman to regain his form now that Brady’s back and he needs a great game from LeVeon Bell and Andrew Luck.  Colton has some Colts players so any TD throws Luck makes need to go players other than Gore or Hilton. Colton may well be on his way to a 2nd best regular season award.

Titans @ GronkIfUrHorny

The projections on this one are out of whack because Lauren doesn’t have a defense in.  David got a great head start with the Cardinals defense returning to form.  17 points out of your defense is pretty good.  David has some studs that are really starting to play well and it helped him to a win last week.  Lauren is probably hoping that Paxton Lynch can play as well as he did with Memphis.  He has a lot of fantasy potential, but you gotta keep an eye on this one because Siemian is back practicing, I think.

Multiple Scorgasms @ Team Spurlock

Coleman got a good head start last night.  Larry Fitzgerald played like he was 10 years younger.  He has now caught a TD pass from 13 different Cardinals quarterbacks.  Both of these teams have 3-4 players on bye weeks so they’ll have to figure out who to play to try to get a win.  There aren’t a lot of good free agents out there so maybe a timely trade is in order. This will be a good matchup to keep an eye on because they have the Abs in the Oakland/San Diego game and it figures to be a shoot out.  Both QBs are highly rated this week.

BigDaddy @ MayTheSchwartzBeWithYou

There’s finally some shit talk.  Let me quote Nathan:

[Brian] has a 3 and 1 team. All knowing Brian has the worst team besides Lauren Mann. She has an excuse, she’s a woman and has a small brain. Brian is just terrible

He insulted 2 people in one post.  Good job.  Now he needs to win this matchup or Brian will get the last laugh.  Still, it’s good to see some trash talk; it makes things more interesting.  The 49ers are terrible, but Carlos Hyde is a bright spot and the 5th best RB in fantasy. For some reason Brian is still hanging on to Danny Woodhead and Josh Gordon.  Who knows if Gordon will ever be back.  He went into rehab for alcohol.  He’s going to be the biggest waste of talent I’ve ever seen.  Nathan needs to find a replacement for Dez Bryant.  He’s surely hoping that Tom Brady comes back and has a 50 point game. He doesn’t talk to the media, but you would be foolish to think that Brady doesn’t want to come out and make a huge statement.  And they’re playing Cleveland.  They may have to drag Cleveland’s bloody corpse off the field after this game. With Tom Brady and Cam Newton on one team, Nathan may have the best QB unit in the league.  A timely trade could get him primed for the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers could stumble as the Giants pass defense is pretty good this year, unlike recent years.  This game could be a shoot out though, as Green Bay’s defense is not as good as they have been in past years.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Team JBone121255

Somebody please give Jason a suggestion for a team name, please.  I kid, I kid.  Jason had the presence of mind to pick up Terrance West before they cut Justin Forsett and he had 17 last week.  It’s rare to be in position to pick up a stud RB when the starter goes down, but Jason has gotten 2 of them.  Jerrick McKinnon had a 15 pt game last week and he could be a big part of the Vikings’ plans the rest of the way.  Currently Jason has Marvin Jones benched.  Detroit plays Philly and Philly has a much improved defense this year.  But if he decided to start Jones and Jones goes off like he did a couple weeks ago, he could get double points with Stafford.  Philly is coming off a bye and we don’t know how they’ll play, but they did get blown out by the Lions last year so you know they’re thinking about that.  This could be a bad week for Detroit.

That’s all I have for this week.  I’m planning another Great Moments in Fantasy Football post for later on in the weekend, so stay tuned.


Great Moments in Fantasy Football History-9/21/2008: The Wildcat

Most of us here have played loads of fantasy football, especially in the last 10 years since the fantasy sports boom of the early 2000s. Throughout that time, there have been many “moments” that we remember due to the inception of some amazing collection of statistics, deliverance of a future star to the world, or most importantly, a performance that carried your team to the win. We all have these moments, and most of us share exceptional ones.

September 21, 2008, NFL 2008 Season Week 3

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

This game has significant value to not only fantasy football, but NFL history as well. This game introduced a successful version of the college staple “Option Play” to the modern NFL known as “The Wildcat Formation”, the   Wikipedia  description is as follows

Wildcat formation describes a formation for the offense in gridiron football in which the ball is snapped not to the quarterback but directly to player of another position lined up at the quarterback position (in most systems, this is a running back, but some playbooks have the wide receiver, fullback, or tight end taking the snap). The Wildcat features an unbalanced offensive line and looks to the defense like a sweep behind zone blocking. A player moves across the formation prior to the snap. However, once this player crosses the position of the running back who will receive the snap, the play develops unlike the sweep.

During this game, the Miami Dolphins unveiled the first instance of this formation, which allowed their two great Running Backs, Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown, on the field at the same time. The first time it was run, here was the score on the play:

>>Ronnie Brown right guard for 2 yards, touchdown

Miami would run the play 5 more times throughout the game, and here are the results of 4 of those plays.

>>Ronnie Brown left guard for 15 yards, TD
>>Ronnie Brown right guard for 5 yards, TD
>>Ronnie Brown pass complete deep left to Anthony Fasano for 19 yards, TD
>>Ronnie Brown up the middle for 62 yards, TD

The success of the play was amazing as it showed the Patriots and the NFL as a whole would have to plan for this offensive scheme or face the consequences.

At the end of the day, Ronnie Brown was enshrined into the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame, with the below box score:

Player Cmp Att Yds TD Att Yds TD Red Yds TD
Ronnie Brown 1 1 19 1 17 113 4 1 9 0

In standard scoring leagues, that leaves Brown with a points total of 40.2, leading many a fantasy team to the win for the week.

The Wildcat success was somewhat short-lived, as teams prepared for it, and schemes were created to prevent the big play from it, but Ronnie Brown, on that afternoon in September in 2008, will forever be a Great Moment in Fantasy Football History.

Week 3 Round Up

It’s a new day in Knoxville as the Vols finally knocked the 800 pound gorilla off their backs by beating Florida. It was hard to escape the story this week about the 11 year streak or all the ways the world was different the last time the Vols beat the Gators. For now all of that is over.

This will be a huge confidence boost to the team, the coaching staff, and the fans. After looking very sloppy in their first three games, this team went out and played a depressing first half of football that surely had most fans despondent. Tennessee looked worse in the first half against Florida than they had the last couple of years. I thought it was over. I wanted to stop watching.

That’s what made the second half so thrilling. The first TD was nice; I thought it would maybe keep us in the game. And then the tds just kept coming. The big plays, the wide open receivers, the juggling catches down the sideline or the fingertip grab in the end zone for a TD. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

And then we were in the lead… Not only did we take the lead, we made the Gators look stupid in the process. Jalen Hurd turned what should have been a 2 yard run into a 20 yard run, dragging half the Florida team with him, his body hidden underneath a pile of players as he kept moving forward. Our receivers were wide open and gained lots of yards after the catch.

If you count the missed touchdowns in the first half, and the fact that the Vols finished the game on Florida’s 1 yard line, we should have hung 60 some odd points on them – the number one defense in the nation!

This was the game we needed. This game validated Butch Jones and everything he’s been working for. This game –honestly really just the second half –is exactly what we’ve been needing for years: a beatdown of a hated rival. Yeah we only won by 10 points, but anyone who saw the second half knows that that was a beat down.

We needed it because this game was the first in a stretch of brutal SEC games which includes Georgia, Texas A&M, and Alabama. After what I saw from Georgia the last couple of weeks, we should beat them, but you can’t take anything for granted. After that, the next two games will be absolutely savage. A&M can score loads of points and their defense is gelling. We all know what Alabama is capable of.

Beat Georgia and the Vols will be riding a wave of confidence not seen in Knoxville since before the iPhone was invented. All along Butch has been saying “brick by brick” but the structure is almost complete and it’s almost time to move in.

As for the fantasy matchups this week, there’s still one big game left tonight that figures to be a shootout.  Let’s take a look at this past weekend’s matchups and see what we find.

Aye Skipper @ Team GronkIfUrHorny

Lauren got her first win against Jordan on the backs of the Chiefs D and LeSean McCoy.  Jordan had a couple of good players in Jordy Nelson and Travis Kelce, but his running backs didn’t give him much help this week.  This is the only settled matchup this week as everyone else has someone going in MNF.  Jordan slips to 2-1 and Lauren gets to 1-2 on the season.

Team 2Gurley’sOneCup @ MayTheSchwartz BeWithYou

It is entirely possible that Nathan pulls out a win against Colton, but he would need 6 field goals from his kicker without Colton getting anything from his tight end.  I’ve seen kickers do stuff like that before, but it’s probably not likely.  Neither of these guys got what they wanted out of their QBs.  Great play of Christine Michael by Nathan, but he benched Carlos Hyde and Jeremy Hill and both of them went off.  Colton got a lot of points out of his Colts players and some points out of David Johnson, but we’re all left wondering what on earth happened to the Cardinals?  If this plays out like I think it will, Colton will keep rolling at 3-0 and Nathan will slip to 1-2.

Team JBone12155 @ Team Titans

Even though he has the worst team name in history, Jason is up 41.2 points with only Julio Jones left to play for David.  Jason finally got the performance out of his Lions players that he’s been needing all year.  Marvin Jones may challenge Antonio Brown for #1 receiver by the end of the year.  Roethlisberger didn’t give David near enough points, but he could still win, theoretically.  Julio needs something like 200 yds receiving and 3 tds, but hey, they’re playing the Saints, so anything’s possible.  I know it sucks having to watch the entire Monday night game and stressing over every single snap.  Every time Matt Ryan throws it to any another receiver, David will be yelling at the tv.  I’m just speculating though because I’ve never even met Brian’s “friend” David…..just kidding, David.

Multiple Scorgasms @ Big Daddy

It was nice to see Mitch this past Saturday when he stopped by to watch Tennessee shellac Florida.  I can’t help but think he brought the good luck with him.  He’s down right now to Brian but he has Drew Brees and Brandin Cooks going tonight and this one figures to be a shootout.  Brian finally got the points from Todd Gurley that he needed, but it’s probably not going to be enough this week, because his receivers didn’t help him out enough.  Remember if you have a player who is marked IR or O, you can slide them into your IR slot and pick up another player.  Josh Gordon is coming back soon so Brian will get some receiver help.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers @ Team Spurlock

I’m in a tight matchup with Coleman with 4 guys going tonight between the 2 of us.  I took a flyer on Minnesota’s defense and they paid off with a masterful performance against one of the league’s best offenses in Carolina.  Unless Matt Ryan helps me out though, I may lose this one.  Can’t believe I’m betting on Matt fucking Ryan.  He is the #1 FF QB so far this year though and they’ve got a chance to score lots of points on the Saints.  Coleman had 91 points on his bench but it may not matter if he gets what he needs from Mark Ingram, Devonta Freeman and Coby Fleener. There could be a lot of points tonight, so we’re going to have to keep an eye on this game even though the presidential debate is also on tonight.

Some other random thoughts:  Colton will likely be the leader in the clubhouse as far as best record goes.  If I lose tonight, he’ll be all alone atop the leaderboard.  There’s still a lot of games left to play but he’s looking tough to beat right now.

How good did Dak Prescott look last night?  Cowboys fans must be riding high right now.  If you’re Jerry Jones and Tony Romo gets healthy, what do you do?  As long as Prescott plays this well, I think Tony Romo won’t ever get to 100% if you know what I mean.  If Romo is truly healthy and Dak stumbles, then you’ll see Romo take back over.  But the Tony Romo era in Dallas could very well be over.  Dak and Zeke Elliott behind that Dallas O-Line could be a force to reckon with this year and for years to come.

Why are the Colts wasting Andrew Luck’s talent by refusing to put a great team around him?  Will he wake up in a few years and wonder what could have been had the Colts only given him the talent he deserves?

The Eagles could make the Super Bowl.  Carson Wentz looks like the real deal. They embarrassed the Steelers yesterday and handed them their worst loss since 1989.  

The Patriots don’t have a QB as Brady is still out and everybody else is hurt.  Does anyone doubt that if they put Edelman or anyone else in there that they’ll still win?  This defense is sick.  As long as Belichick is in charge this team is going to win, no matter who plays QB.

Denver didn’t miss a beat.  Elway looks like a genius. Minnesota is the real deal; their defense will keep them in every game they play.  Aaron Rodgers might be back on track, finally. • Everybody was hyping Jacksonville this year, but they’re the same old Jags. Oakland has improved faster than they have…

Y’all have a good week and good luck tonight!